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    A LONG DISTANCE MOVE is a move that is farther than 100-miles from the point of origin or one, which crosses a state line. Charges for all long distance moves are based on cubic feet or weight and mileage, plus any additional services you may acquire. Flat rates are available for a long distance move.

    At Preferred Movers we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and would be able to move you on a few hours notice, last minute relocation services are our specialty. We are family owned and operated with our own trucks and staff, we are not a broker so we can get the job done fast!

    • Competitive and fair pricing
    • Free no obligation quotes
    • Our “Guarantee” quote pricing for peace of mind with no surprises.
    • ON-TIME pick-up & delivery
    • Experienced move coordinators
    • Experience moving crews
    • Experienced drivers
    • Flexible Scheduling!
    • Certified weight tickets
    • Free basic coverage and Full-value coverage available
    • Air-ride long distance fleet
    • GPS, 24-hour tracking
    • PROPER loading eliminates damage
    • All moving equipment included
    • All disassemble & reassembly of furniture is included
    • Any size homes, condos, apts.
    • Where ever you’re going.  City, suburbs, rural areas
    • Difficult or narrow access – no problem!
    • Free protection with our thick furniture blankets, floor runners and door covers
    • Free use of hanging wardrobe boxes
    • We also ship motorcycles!

    In addition to your moving charges, factors that may affect the price of your move are:

    • Packing by the moving company
    • Accessorial charges which are determined by what comes between the door of our truck and your home, such as a flight of stairs, elevators, excessive long carry and the need to use a small shuttle vehicle, etc.