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    Household Storage

    Preferred Movers offers Pick-up & Delivery Storage service is the inexpensive and easy way to store your household items. It is our goal to provide you the best storage solution anywhere! Give yourself peace of mind and store your valued possessions in one of our clean, modern, secure, climate controlled, warehouse facilities. Monthly storage fees are based on the volume of goods stored. Our rate is calculated by cubic foot per month plus applicable sales tax. (Fees are subject to a monthly minimum). Upon moving into storage, an inventory of your goods is made. Your goods are placed in crates and sealed. Unlike self-storage, access to our storage facility is by appointment only and visitors are accompanied by a storage manager. When you come to view or remove your goods, the sealed crates are opened, resealed and replaced when you are done. This allows for greater security, and everyone’s peace of mind. Goods removed are documented. In self-storage situations, people come and go unattended. Preferred Movers is by far the safest way to store your goods.

    All you have to do is call to schedule your storage pick-up, we inventory, wrap all items and load your unit then your unit is stored in our secured warehouse.

    Full-service storage is the perfect solution!

    • In-between homes
    • Staging a home
    • No containers in the driveway
    • No cluttered garages
    • Can’t do heavy lifting
    • Upright & Grand Pianos
    • Motorcycles & Jet Skies
    • Jacuzzis, Outdoor Play Equip.
    • Crated Artwork, marble, glass
    • Rack space for sofas, sectionals, over-stuffed chairs & recliners

    Office and Corporate Storage

    Whether its file cabinets, desks, tables, chairs or computers, Preferred Movers can store whatever your business no longer needs. And we specialize in records management storage as well! Do you do trade shows? We store, transport and deliver your convention materials to San Francisco, Anaheim, Lake Tahoe, wherever it needs to go.