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    Change of Address

    In order to make a better organization of your change of address when moving house try to make a list. Collect all documents and paperwork in one file and take it with you. If you are preparing an essentials box to travel with you your documents should go in there. When flying all paperwork must stay with you in the luggage in the cabin because in case your checked in luggage gets damaged or is gone you may have some hard time replacing the missing paperwork.

    Garage Sale Tips

    First of all you need to decide what you want to move to your next home and what you want to leave behind. Go to every room in your home and explore the wardrobes, drawers, shelves – everywhere. Do not forget the basement and attic as well. You need to set aside the things that won’t be transported and afterwards what follows is their distribution.

    Hire Preferred Movers or Move Yourself

    Hire Preferred Movers or do it yourself – this is one of the first questions people who’re about to relocate, people like you, ask themselves. Hiring Preferred Movers has many positive aspects that you can enjoy. On the other hand, a DIY move gives more freedom. Choosing whether to hire movers or move yourself is the question which will be discussed below – differences in terms of cost, pros and cons for both options and some great tips of course. See the differences in the two types of relocation and decide which one to go for.


    Several different types of moving insurance are available when relocating. The amount of coverage provided varies significantly. Each customer should carefully consider the value of household belongs moved by the company and decided if additional coverage is necessary.

    Moving Check List

    Ready to Move? Moving is a significant undertaking, and while it may seem like you have all the time in the world to prepare, it’s easy to become overwhelmed if you don’t plan ahead. To stay on track in the weeks leading up to your moving day and settle in with ease, Preferred Movers suggests the following simple steps.

    Moving With Pets

    Preparation prevents surprises when moving with pets. Each animal may react differently to traveling and new surroundings. The easiest way to insure that a move goes smoothly is to familiarize each pet with the experience in advance. Practice using travel kennels and riding in a car if these will be new adventures. Try to keep pets calm on moving day and away from the excitement strangers.

    Packing Tips

    These useful tips will help you with packing for your move. From using the right sized boxes to requesting special crating, these tips can help make the difference in protecting the household items you care about.