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    Hire Preferred Movers or do it yourself – this is one of the first questions people who’re about to relocate, people like you, ask themselves. Hiring Preferred Movers has many positive aspects that you can enjoy. On the other hand, a DIY move gives more freedom. Choosing whether to hire movers or move yourself is the question which will be discussed below – differences in terms of cost, pros and cons for both options and some great tips of course. See the differences in the two types of relocation and decide which one to go for.

    Hire Preferred Movers or Move Yourself?

    Before you wonder when to take the decision a word of advice – as soon as possible. It is never too early to begin a relocation preparation. There are so many things to do and decisions to be made that any postponing in time may result in extra stress you can actually avoid. That is why deciding whether to hire Preferred Movers or move yourself is one of the first decisions to make. Here are the factors that will help you understand the two options and decide which one to choose:

    1. How much stuff are you moving? If you have a larger move and more things to pack, then Preferred Movers is the better and easier option. In this way when hesitating between the options movers vs. DIY if you choose a self-move you can rent a truck. Knowing the size of your home and the weight of your goods will help you determine the size and type of moving vehicle appropriate for you. Surely even for a smaller home you can choose Preferred Movers. Just have in mind that often movers have a number of working hours for below which you cannot hire them. This means that they will most probably not agree to come and move just your couch.
    2. How far are you going and what’s the difference in price? When moving do it yourself or hire Preferred Movers are options that work best in different circumstances. If you are moving down the street you will find it easier to do things on your own rather than if you were relocating across the country to another state or globally. Surely moving has health risks when lifting and carrying home items. And when it comes to going to live in a foreign country there’s hardly a better option than the movers. So think well will you be better off to hire Preferred Movers or move yourself. And the cost? If you are moving a one-bedroom apartment within the same city or state you can expect to be charged about $800-$900 for a full move that includes the transportation, packing materials and packing, loading and unloading. Similarly, moving a one-bedroom apartment from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Miami, Florida will cost you approximately between $3,800 and $4,200. Exclude about $200 for the packing supplies in both cases.
    3. How difficult is your move? If you have antiques, many valuable and/ or breakable items, collections, expensive car(s), lots of home appliances and items to disconnect and/ or dismantle will make your move more complicated. You can save yourself the time, effort and the obligation to cater for all of this and let the pros do the job. In this way there’ll be no lifting of heavy things, getting the hands dirty, hesitating about where to start with it all, how to do it, where to get the instruments or how to find the person to do a particular job, etc. Preferred Movers are able to provide you with handymen, a locksmith, a carpenter, etc. so you won’t have to go after those extra.
    4. Who do you want to do the packing? If you don’t have much packing experience or if you have delicate/ fragile things to pack perhaps you shouldn’t take the chance to do it by yourself. Once you decide what to bring with you it is time to plan the type and quantity of packing supplies. When hesitating between the two options: hire Preferred Movers or do it yourself, remember that Preferred Movers offer not just the packing supplies but the packing service as well. So if you engage a removal company in this they will come, bring all the packing materials and pack everything in no time. Furthermore, the valuation provided which is $0.60 per pound will not be valid if you do the packing.
    5. How much time will the relocation process take? If you do the shopping of packing supplies, the packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking, etc. it will certainly take longer in the case that you do it yourself. Preferred Movers are experts in all of these. When moving do it yourself or hire Preferred Movers will take different time to complete the relocation.
    6. Can you find helpers? Preferred Movers vs. the DIY option puts you in contrary positions: on the one hand is looking for people – friends, family, neighbors, etc. to help you pack, load, dismantle and disconnect items, and on the other is Preferred Movers can do all of this much quicker than you.